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Name: Surkov, Alexei

Songs written or composed

Title: Inem Ershtibl -- אינעם ערדשטיבל
Author: Surkov, Alexei
Genre: WWII / USSR
Subject: Dugout/Front/Memory/Harmonica/Winter
Additional song notes: In The Dogout / Sung on utube in several Russian versions


On album: F-007(e) (Genia Fajerman/ WWII Songs 1941-1945/ Milkhome Lider -- זשעני פֿײַערמאַן \ מלחמה לידער)
Track ID: 36007
Yiddish Adaption Vergelis, Aaron -- װערגעליס, אהרן
Yiddish Adaption Beyder, E.
Yiddish Adaption Zinger, S.
First line: In an erdshtibl do oyfn front...fire in kofn un brent, un mir hobn zikh dermont,
First line (Yiddish):אין אַן ערגשטיבל דאָ אויפֿן פֿראָנט...פֿײַער אין קאָפֿן און ברענט און מיר...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Pop
Length: 2:41

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Title: Zemlyanka (Dugout, Russian)
On album: V-001(d) (Partisans of Vilna Songs of World War II Jewish Resistance)
Track ID: 18007
Author Surkov, Alexei
Composer Listov, Konstantin
Vocal Alpert, Michael -- אַלפּערט, מישקע

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