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Name: Tauber - Roubanis

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Title: Miserlou -- מיסערלאָו
Composer: Roubanis, Nick -- רובּינס, ניק
Genre: Love
Subject: Desert
Origin: Alb T-005(c)/CD S-001(d)
Transliteration: CD S-001(d)/Alb K-029(h)/Alb P-038(b)
Translation: CD S-001(d)/Alb K-029(h)
Additional song notes: Music adapted from Greek folk dance melody
On album: T-005(c) (Chaim Towber, The Singing Poet Songs To Remember -- לידער צו געדענקען)
Track ID: 10547
Composer Tauber - Roubanis
Vocal Tauber, Chaim Shmuel (Shami) טױבער, חיים שמואל (שמאי)
First line: Vayt in der midbar, fun heyser zun farbrent, hob ikh a mol..
First line (Yiddish):װײַט אין דער מדבּר, פֿון הײסער זון פֿאַרברענט, האָב איך אַ מאָל...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Tauber credited as co-composer on this track
Language: Yiddish

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