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Name: Tikva Khasidic Orchestra

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Title: Hine Ma Tov -- הנה מה טוֹב
Also known as: Psalm 133:01
Genre: Psalm/Biblical/Brotherhood/Fraternal
Subject: Brotherhood/Fraternal/Unity
Origin: Alb L-001(a)/Bugatch 134/Pasternak CH 142/Coopersmith SOZ 132
Transliteration: Alb D-08(d)2/Pasternak CH 48/Zim 48/Alb N-010(b)/Coopersmith SOZ 132
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 77/Alb L-021(b)/Pasternak CH 142/Alb S-033(a)
Music: Coopersmith SOZ 132
Additional song notes: Psalm 133

Related information in folder 1615:On album: C-003(h) (Chassidic Authentic Wedding Dances)
Track ID: 6567
Artist Tikva Khasidic Orchestra
Track comment: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers...
Style: Instrumental/Khasidic

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