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Name: Berne, Alan

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Title: Shifra Tantst -- שיפֿרה טאַנצט
Also known as: Tants Istanbul
Composer: Tarras, Dave -- טאַראַס, דײװ
Composer: Tarras, Dave -- טאַראַס, דײװ
Genre: Klezmer/Instrumental/Dance/Freylekh
Song Comment: Tarras usally credited with melody (?, not sure if he's composer.
On album: W-021(b) (Jeff Warschauer/The Singing Waltz/ Klezmer Guitar & Mandolin)
Track ID: 23267
Mandolin Warschauer, Jeff
Piano Berne, Alan
Track comment: Recorded under "Tants Istambul"
Style: Instrumental

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