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Name: Tsherba, E., Arranger
Name (Yiddish): טשערבו, י., אַראַנזשער

Tracks with this artist

Title: Hora Staccato -- האָרע סטאַקאָטאָ
Composer: Dinicu, Grigoras -- דיניקו, גרגוש
Genre: Pop/Concert/Classical
Song Comment: Based upon Rumanian melody
Additional song notes: Jascha Heifetz sometimes credited as composer with Dinicu. He probably arranged the music.
On album: K-011(a) (Jennie Kessler Sings -- זשעני קעסלער זינגט)
Track ID: 6813
Vocal Kessler, Jenny -- קעסלער, זשיני
Conductor Moskowitz, Martin -- מוסקוביץ, מרטין
Arranger Tsherba, E., Arranger -- טשערבו, י., אַראַנזשער
Track comment: Accompanied vocally by Jenny Kessler.

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