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Name: Tura, Will
Name (Yiddish): טורה, ו.

Tracks with this artist

Title: Angelina (Yid) -- אנג'לינה
On album: S-022(b) (The Latest Hits In Yiddish With Yaacov Shapiro -- יעקב שפּירו זינגט די לעצטע שלאַגערס)
Track ID: 1315
Author/Vocal Shapiro, Yaacov -- שאַפּיראָ, יעקבֿ
Composer Tura, Will -- טורה, ו.
Vocal Shapiro, Yaacov -- שאַפּיראָ, יעקבֿ
Arranger Kerets, L., arranger -- קערעץ, ל.
Track comment: Spanish style melody
Language: Yiddish

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