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Name: Valbe, Y.
Name (Yiddish): ולבּה, יואל

Songs written or composed

Title: Hora Medura -- הורה מדורה
Author: Valbe, Y. -- ולבּה, יואל
Genre: Israeli/Dance/Hora
Subject: Poverty/Hope/Campfire
Transliteration: Vorbei 349
Translation: Vorbei 349
Additional song notes: Hora of the Campfire


On album: K-001(b) (Songs of the Sabras Karmon Israeli Dancers and Singers)
Track ID: 6800
Vocal Karmon Israeli Dancers and Singers
Director Karmon, Jonathan
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Hebrew

On album: H-001(a) (The Hadarim Ensemble The Folk Songs And Dances Of Israel)
Track ID: 20681
Artist Hadarim Ensemble -- הדרים
Arranger/Conductor Peery, Eldad
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Style: Instrumental

On album: J-022(b) (The Real Complete Jewish Party Collection Volume II / David & The High Spirit)
Track ID: 22106
Artist David & The High Spirit
Track comment: Part of String of instrumental Israeli folk dances
Style: Instrumental

On album: P-031(a) (Prague Klezmorim Jewish Dance Band Yiddish Blues)
Track ID: 26413
Artist Prague Klezmorim
Piano/Percussion/Director Rothova, Helena
Style: Instrumental

On album: V-015(j) (Vorbei… Beyond Recall, CD 10/ A Record of Jewish musical life in Nazi Berlin, 1933-1938)
Track ID: 31599
Vocal Roth, Mordecai -- ראָט, מרדכּי
First line: Banu vli kol vakhol, anu aniyei etmol, lanu ha-goral massar,
Language: Hebrew
Style: Orchestral Accompaniment
Length: 2:00

On album: I-017(a) (Israel Dances - The Folk Dances of Israel -- ישראל רוקדת)
Track ID: 34252
Composer Walbe, Yoel -- ולבּה, יואל
Composer Noy, Meir -- נוי, מאיר
Style: Folk/Dance/Instrumental
Length: 2:15

On album: I-026(a) (Authentic Israeli Folk Songs and Dance)
Track ID: 39822
Length: 1:49

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