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Title: Jewish Chronicle/ Judische Chronik
On album: J-004(a) (<<Jewish Chronicle>> <<From Jewish Folk Poetry OP 79>>)
Track ID: 7633
Composer Various
Author Gerlach, Jens
Artist Barova, A., alto/ V. Bauer, barit
Artist Radio Symph Orch and Chor- Leipzig
Artist Schall, E. and H. Thater, speaker
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: German Text

Title: Excerpts - Opera Songs in Heb.
On album: 052f (Various/ Excerpts - Opera Songs in Heb./)
Track ID: 30256
Artist: Various
Language: Hebrew

Title: Auf Dem Way Zur Akeido
On album: 018m (Various/ Auf Dem Way Zur Akeido/ Purimscene)
Track ID: 29303
Artist: Various

Title: Purimscene
On album: 018m (Various/ Auf Dem Way Zur Akeido/ Purimscene)
Track ID: 29304
Artist: Various

Title: Berele Berele Gey Aroys -- בערעלע גיי אַרויס
Genre: Children's Rhyme/Acapella/Recitation
Subject: Snail/Ears/Disappearance/Threat/Teeth
Origin: Alb L-044(d)
Translation: Alb L-044(d)
Additional song notes: Title translated as "Snail, Snaill"
On album: L-044(d) (Ruth Levin: Tsigele-Migele -- ציגעלע־מיגעלע)
Track ID: 42875
Vocal Various
First line: Berele berele gey aroys, shtek dayn fir oygn aroys, vayl tomer nit, tsebrekh ikh dayn hoyz. Perlmuter Perlmuter, tsayg
First line (Yiddish):בערעלע בערעלע גיי אַרויס, שטעק דײַנע פֿיר אויגן אַרויס, ווײַל טאָמער ניט, צעברעך איך דײַן הויז, פערלמוטער פערלמוטער צײַג
Language: Yiddish
Style: Children's Poem/Acapella
Length: 0:30

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