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Name: Verdi, Giuseppe

Songs written or composed

Title: Doch Heist Dich Auch Ein Pflichtegebot
Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe
Genre: Operatic
Additional song notes: Ricardo's aria from "Un Ballo in Maschera" - Act 3


On album: V-015(e) (Vorbei… Beyond Recall, CD 5/ A Record of Jewish musical life in Nazi Berlin, 1933-1938)
Track ID: 31467
Vocal Schmidt, Joseph
Artist: Berlin Staatsoper Orchestra
Conductor Meyrowitz, Selmar
Language: Italian
Style: Operatic
Length: 3:38

Title: A Khupe Marsh -- אַ חופּה מאַרש
Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe
Genre: March/Wedding/Klezmer/Instrumental
Additional song notes: A Wedding March


On album: M-095(a) (Minsker Kapelye/ A Fayer Far Dem Hartzn / A Sparkle For The Heart -- מינסקער קאַפּעליע \ אַ פֿײַער פֿאַר דעם האַרצן)
Track ID: 36453
Arranger Slepovitch, Dmitri
Cymbalom Kukel, Tatsiana
Violin Sitsinskaya, Zarina
Viola Zebrina, Alexandra
Cello Koren'kova, Violetta
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer
Length: 1:20

On album: M-095(b) (Minsker Kapelye / Krakow-Kielce-Warszawa)
Track ID: 36483
Artist: Minsker Kapelye
Arranger Slepovitch, Dmitri
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer
Length: 2:51

Title: Va Pensiero
Author: Soler, Temistocle
Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe
Additional song notes: "Fly, thought (spanish)" The full incipit is Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate, meaning "Fly, thought, on wings of gold." from the third act of Nabucco (1842), with words by Temistocle Solera, inspired by Psalm 137. Known as Verdi's "Jewish" work of art, it recollects the story of Jewish exiles from Judea after the loss of the First Temple in Jerusalem.


On album: S-139(a) (Yevgeny Shapovalov/ The First Ten Years)
Track ID: 38020
Vocal Shapovalov, Yevgeny
First line: Va pensiero su la via dorate va tipoza sui cilvi sui coley oh viloetta no...
Language: Spanish
Style: Jazz, melodic
Length: 2:48

Title: The Two Foscari: A Serious Opera
Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe
Genre: Opera, Classical
Translation: Dropsie College Sheetmusic 1275

Sheet music:

Folder: 22
Series: 3
Texts: Translation
Publisher: William Taylor & Co
Publisher address: 151 Nassau, Corner of Spruce, NY
Provenance: Dropsie College Library
Notes: Translated Libretto

Title: Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici
Composer: Verdi, Giuseppe
Genre: Instrumental/Classcal


On album: V0445 (Drexel Mediterranean Ensemble: Bruce Kaminsky, conductor (Video))
Track ID: 42306
Violin Kocibelli, Beartin
Style: Instrumental/Classical
Length: 2:40

Other tracks with this artist

Title: La Donna E Mobile (Italian)
On album: K-004(e) (Moshe Koussevitzky On Tour Jack Baras at the Piano)
Track ID: 24507
Composer Verdi, Giuseppe
Vocal Koussevitzky, Cantor Moyshe -- קאָוסעװיצקי, חזן משה
Piano Baras, Jack -- באַראַס, דזאַק
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: From the opera Rigoletto
Language: Italian

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