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Name: Voices of Vitiz/ Roman Tsonev, con

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Title: Adio Querida
Also known as: Adio Kerida
Genre: Sephardic/Love/Lament/Folk
Subject: Love/Rejection/Bitterness
Song Comment: Goodbye My Love
Origin: Alb A-020(a)/Alb V-009(b)/Alb G-034(a)/Alb T-025(a)/Alb B-067(a)
Transliteration: Alb T-025(a)/Alb S-083(a)/
Translation: Alb A-020(a)/Alb V-009(b)/Alb S-083(a)/Alb G-034(a)/Alb B-067(a)
On album: B-064(a) (Jewish Songs From Bulgaria)
Track ID: 22383
Artist Voices of Vitiz/ Roman Tsonev, con
Arranger Kaufmann, Nikolai, arranger
First line: Tu madre cuando te pario, Y te quito al mundo,
Track comment: Goodbye, my dear, I cannot live anymore with my bitterness..
Language: Ladino

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