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Title: Abi Er Ken Tantsn -- אַבי ער קען טאַנצן
Author: Berman, Henry -- בערמאַן, חיים
Composer: Windish, Samuel
Genre: Pop/Theater
Subject: Dance/Dancing Fool

Sheet music:

Folder: 880
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Transliteration
Publisher: GS Shirmer Royal Brand
Date: 1939
Provenance: Gift of RA Friedman, 2005, in memory of his grandfather, Henry Berman
First line: Hert zikh tsi tsu mir, ir tayere meydelekh
First line (Yiddish): הערט זיך צי צו מיר, איר טײַערע מיידעלעך,
Notes: Facimile copy (incomplete)/ Page from newpaper including advertising Henry Berman (composer) as entertainer at "Club Old Europe" Image file on CD of Sheet Music to "Abi Er Ken Tantsn" and "Tsu Shpet" (Sheet Music 881) in this foder #880 Sh


On album: B-028(f) (Golden Voices of Israel No 3 Bagelman Sisters and Others)
Track ID: 811
Author Windish, Samuel
Vocal Barry Sisters -- שװעסטער באַרי
First line: Hert zikh tsu tsu mir, ir tayere meydlekh, Ikh vil aykh...
First line (Yiddish):הערט זיך צו צו מיר, איר טײַערע מײדלעך, איך װיל אײַך זאָגן...
Language: Yiddish

On album: 021l (Begelman (Barry) Sisters/ Abi Er Ken Tantsn/ Sheyn Vi Di Levone)
Track ID: 29371
Artist: Begelman (Barry) Sisters
Language: Yiddish

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