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Title: Adonay Adonay (Davidson)
Composer: Davidson, Khazn Charles -- דודסן, יחזקאל, חזן
Genre: Liturgical/Religious
Subject: God/Gracious/Forgiving
Origin: Alb B-033(b)
Translation: Vorbei 262/Alb B-033(b)
Additional song notes: Sung on holidays that do not fall on Sabbath when Torah is removed from the Ark/Sung on Yom Kipur and Slikhos


On album: D-008(b) (The Hush Of Midnight Music by Charles Davidson)
Track ID: 924
Artist Edgar, Khazn Ray
Vocal Zamir Chorale & Rock Ensemble
Director Sperber, Stanley, dir
English Adaptation Brin, Ruth F.
First line (Hebrew):יי יי אל רחוּם וחנוּו ארך אפּים ורב-חסד ואמת: נצר חסד לאלפים...
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Part of "The Hush of Midnight"
Language: Hebrew

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