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Title: Adonay Zekharanu (Gold) -- יי זכרנוּ (גאָלד)
Also known as: Psalm 115:12-18
Composer: Gold, Morton
Genre: Biblical/Psalm
Subject: Praise/Blessing/Dead/Psalm 115:12-18
Song Comment: Part of Hallel: Psalms of Praise from "The Days of Joy"
Origin: Alb B-033(g)/Psalm 115:12-18
Translation: Alb B-033(g)


On album: B-033(g) (The Days Of Joy Beth Abraham Youth Chorale and Orchestra)
Track ID: 921
Vocal Beth Abraham Youth Chorale & Orch
Choral Director Kopmar, Khazn Jerome B.
Vocal Lefkowitz, Khazn David
First line: Adonay zekharanu yevorekh, yevorekh et beyt yisroel,
First line (Hebrew):יי זכרנוּ יברך, יברך את-בּית ישׂראל, יברך את בּית אהרן,
Track comment: The Lord who hath been mindful of us, may He bless us,
Language: Hebrew
Style: Classical/Cantorial/Choral

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