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Title: Agada (Achron) -- אגדה (אחרון)
Also known as: Marchen
Composer: Achron, Yosef -- אחרון, יוסף
Composer: Achron, Yosef -- אחרון, יוסף
Genre: Instrumental/Classical
Song Comment: Opus 46


On album: R-020(a) (The Russian Jewish Composers Vol 1)
Track ID: 952
Violin Yankelev, Joseph, violin
Piano Figueroa, Yvonne, piano
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Style: Concert

On album: A-039(a) (Stempenyu The Violin Music of Joseph Achron -- סטעמפּעניו די פֿידל מוזיק פֿון יוסף אחרון)
Track ID: 25035
Violin Shaham, Hagai -- שחם, חגי
Piano Erez, Arnon -- ארון, ארנון, פּיאַנע
Track comment: Recorded under "Marchen"
Style: Concert

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