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Title: Khurbn Titanik -- חורבּן טיטאַניק
Also known as: The Titanic's Disaster
Also known as: Der Naser Keyver
Author: Smulewitz, Solomon -- שמוליװטש, שלמה
Composer: Russotto, Henry A.
Genre: Historical/Lament
Subject: Titanic/Shipwreck/Constancy/Ida Straus/Gaiety/Tragedy
Transliteration: Ephemera 1269/Ephemera 1458 2012
Translation: Ephemera 1269/Ephemera 1458 2012
Additional song notes: The Titanic Disaster Org, Translit & Translt on Alb B-211(a) Ephemera 1458 See 2012 program for translat and trqqnslit. Alb V0290-- What's Not To Like -- 2012
Folder: 66
Series: 4
Arranger: Russotto, Henry A.
Arranged for: Piano/Voice
Texts: Yiddish/Transliteration
Publisher: Hebrew Publishing Co
Publisher address: 50-52 Eldridge St., NY
Date: 1912
Provenance: Gift of Robert & Molly Freedman, 1996
First line: Akh troyert badoyert, dem groysn frishn brokh:
First line (Yiddish): אַך טרויערט, באַדויערט, דעם גרויסן פֿרישן בראָך
Notes: Cover: Black and white photocopy with drawing of Strauss couple embracing while an angel hovers over them with a wreath, as the ship sinks. Price: Piano 50 cents, Violin 30 cents. This is not ì the same song as "Lid Fun Titanik" or "Parakhod Titanik".

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