Look up work akh, ven ikh nor raykh vere,


Title: Ven Ikh Bin A Rotshild (Bock) -- װען איך בין אַ ראָטשילד (באָק)
Also known as: If I Were A Rich Man (Yid)
Composer: Bock, Jerry
Genre: Theater/Humorous/Lament
Subject: Rich/Poor/Wishes
Additional song notes: Yiddish Adaptation of "Fiddler On The Roof"
On album: A-038(a) (Mark Aizikovitch Der Fremde...The Stranger)
Track ID: 24659
Vocal Ayzikovitch, Mark -- אײַזיקאָװיטש, מאַרק
First line: Akh, ven ikh nor raykh vere,
Language: German

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