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Title: Akhas


On album: N-016(a) (Neginah Orchestra and Singers Awaken! -- עורה)
Track ID: 1011
Composer Wald, Z. & P. Mendlowitz
Artist Neginah Orchestra and Singers
Artist Lamm, Yoel
First line (Hebrew):אחת שאלתי מאת ה' אותה אבקש שבתי בבית ה' כל ימי חיי...
Language: Hebrew

On album: N-009(a) (Jewish Aerobics /Instructions by Ella Adler /Neshoma Orch -- ארובּיקס)
Track ID: 1012
Artist Neshoma Orchestra
Arobics Instructor Adler, Ellen
Track comment: Part of aerobics #2 with Adir and Vekorev
Style: Instrumental

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