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Title: Al Sefod Al Bekhot (Milet) -- אל ספד, אל בכות (מילט)
Author: Shimoni, David -- שמעוֹני, דוד
Composer: Milet, Yosef -- מילט יוסף
Genre: Zionist/Holocaust
Subject: Hope/Pioneer/Labor/Redemption
Origin: Ephemera 1338
Translation: Alb Z-018(a)
Additional song notes: "Do Not Lament, Do Not Weep"


On album: Z-013(d) (Hear Our Voices/Zamir Choral/ Songs of the Ghettos and the Camps / Joshua Jacobson Conductor -- שמע קולנו)
Track ID: 31619
Vocal Goland, Yosef -- גאָלאַנד, יוסף
First line: Al sefod al bekhot be'et kazot al horid rash, avod, avod…
First line (Hebrew):אל ספד, אל בכות בעת כּזאת. אל הורד ראש! עבד! אבד! החורש, חרש!
Track comment: Do not mourn, do not cry, at a time like this, don't be...
Language: Hebrew

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