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Title: Aley Giva -- עלי גבעה
Also known as: Bagalil
Also known as: On The Hills
Author: Broides, Avraham
Composer: Nardi, Nokhm -- נרדי, נחום
Genre: Israeli/Place
Subject: Galilee/Hills/Shepherd/Lambs
Origin: Bugatch 37
Transliteration: Bugatch 37/Alb H-002(a)Schwartz 17
Translation: Alb S-083(d)/Schwartz 18/Binder 12
Music: Schwartz 18/Binder 12
On album: S-043(a) (A Recital of Israeli and Yiddish Songs by Elly Stone)
Track ID: 1861
Artist Stone, Elly
First line: Aley givah sham yoshev shomer...
First line (Hebrew):עלי גבעה, שם בּגליל, יוֹשב שוֹמר וּבפיו חליל,
Track comment: Recorded under "Aley Givah"
Language: Hebrew

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