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Title: All Is Vanity
Author: Berger, Glen
Genre: Literary Origin/Theater
Subject: Everyman/Fate/Life/Struggle/Unknown
Origin: Alb L-052(b)
Additional song notes: Adapted from Peretz's story "A Night At The Old Marketplace". Ah well. Better luck next time…


On album: L-052(b) (Frank London's A Night In The Old Market Place)
Track ID: 33514
Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin Seabrook, Brandon
Drums Alexander, Aaron
Keyboards/Accordion Bailey, Art
Tuba/Bass Caswell, Ron
Vocal Hrycelak, Steve
Vocal Hensrud, Matt
Vocal Jensen, Silvie
Vocal Goldfeder, Karen
Vocal Cluver, Martha
Vocal Wedren, Craig
Vocal Narayan, Mann
Vocal Hrycelak, Steve
Vocal Borts, Joanne
Vocal Sklamberg, Lorin
Vocal Williams, Jane Kelly
Vocal They Might Be Giants
Language: English
Length: 1:05

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