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Title: Yibane
Author: Cohon, Borukh
Composer: Cohon, Borukh
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Temple/Rebuilding/Prayer/Peace
Origin: Alb C-025(a)
Transliteration: Alb C-025(a)
Translation: Alb C-025(a)
Additional song notes: Incorporates Hebrew and Yiddish folksongs
On album: C-025(a) (We Wish You Love/Baruch Cohon/Israeli Entertainment Ensemble)
Track ID: 17417
Vocal Cohon, Borukh
Artist: Israeli Enterainment Ensemble
Arranger David, Toby A.
First line: All through the ages, Prophets and sages bewailed Jerusalem,
First line:מיר בויען אַ וועלט, אַ נײַע, אַ פֿריילעכע, אַ פֿרײַע,
Track comment: Adaptation of "Yibene Hamikdash"
Language: Hebrew/English/Yiddish

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