Look up work all week song i work in the shop, i work and work and never stop,


Title: Sunday In The Park
Author: Rome, Harold
Composer: Rome, Harold
Genre: Theater/Novelty
Subject: Work/Recreation/Park/Rest/Holiday/Sunday
Origin: Alloy 22
Music: Alloy 22
Additional song notes: Pins and Needles
On album: P-035(a) (Pins and Needles)
Track ID: 30724
Vocal with Chorus Carroll, Jack
Vocal Arrangements Bretton, Elise
Musical Direction Rome, Harold
Piano Freeman, Stan
Guitar Hanlon, Allan
Bass Romoff, Dick
Drums Rogers, Al
First line: All week song I work in the shop, I work and work and never stop,
Language: English
Style: Pop
Length: 3:29

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