Look up work alsding iz bay mir farshtelt, mit der shvartse...

Sheet Music

Title: Di Nekome Fun Papus -- די נקמה פֿון פּאַפּוס
Author: Goldfaden, Avrom -- גאָלדפֿאַדען, אַבֿרהם
Composer: Goldfaden, Avrom -- גאָלדפֿאַדען, אַבֿרהם
Genre: Theater
Subject: Disguise/Revenge/Spy
Additional song notes: From the operetta "Bar Kokhba oder Di Zun Fun Dem Shtern"
Folder: 166
Series: 4
Arranger: Russotto, Henry A.
Arranged for: Piano
Texts: Yiddish
Publisher: Hebrew Publishing Co
Publisher address: 50-52 Eldridge Street, New York
Date: 1909
Provenance: Gift of Robert & Molly Freedman, 1996
First line: Alsding iz bay mir farshtelt, mit der shvartse...
First line (Yiddish): אַלסדינג איז בײַ מיר פֿאַרשטעלט, מיט די שוואַרצע
Notes: Cover: Red background "Complete Opera, Bar Kochba" in large black letters (English & Yiddish) with center photo of A. Goldfaden. Price $2.00. Twenty songs listed on fron cover. Texts of eight songs printed on inside cover and back cover. Songs in this edition "...all appeared in the 'complete opera edition' first published in 1898 by Katzenelenbogen and Rabinowitz, and then reissued in 1909 by the Hebrew Publishing Co." (See Gold Heskes p. 11)

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