Look up work am yisroel khay...od ovinu khay...


Title: Od Avinu Khay -- עוֹד אבינוּ חי
Genre: Religious/Zionist/Faith
Subject: People/Survival/Hope/Forebearers
Origin: HAL 16/Alb B-032(a)
Transliteration: HAL 16/ Alb B-032(a)
Translation: HAL 16/Alb B-032(a)
Additional song notes: Our fathers still live. The people of Israel Live
On album: Y-022(a) (Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Band Klezmerized)
Track ID: 23793
Violin Weinberger, Irwin
Artist: Yiddishe Cup Klezmer Band
First line: Am Yisroel khay...Od Ovinu Khay...
First line (Hebrew):עם ישׂראל חי,...עוֹר אבינוּ חי...
Track comment: With Tsena, Tsena
Language: Hebrew

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