Look up work amerike iz a golden land, lang un breyt nur vi a..

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Title: Goldene Medina -- גאָלדענע מעדינאַ
Author: Friedsel, Louis -- פֿרידזעל, לואיס
Composer: Friedsel, Louis -- פֿרידזעל, לואיס
Genre: Theater/Humorous/Sarcastic
Subject: America/Status/Crook
Folder: 13
Series: 4
Arranged for: Piano/Violin/Mandolin
Texts: Transliteration
Publisher: S. Schenker
Publisher address: 66 Canal Street, New York
Date: 1902
Provenance: Gift of Robert & Molly Freedman, 1996
First line: Amerike iz a golden land, lang un breyt nur vi a..
First line (Yiddish): אַמעריקע איז אַ גאָלדן לאַנד, לאַנג און ברייט נור ווי
Notes: Cover with floral ornaments, a goose in a lake and a bird on a ì tree which is being fed by a hand/ Excerpts from pieces and Carmen, Bizet on inside./ Price 50 cents

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