Look up work and said the fathers/ niggunim of the rebbe mr. elimelech meliz'ansk, may his merit sheild us, conducting: rav chiam bent

Album title: And Said The Fathers/ Niggunim of The Rebbe Mr. Elimelech Meliz'ansk, may his merit sheild us, Conducting: Rav Chiam Bent -- והשיב לב אבות / ניגוני הרבי ר' אלימלך מליז'ענסק זי"ע .ניצוח: ר' חיים בצט
Album ID: M-112(a)
Publisher: מוסדות ליזענסק בארי ת.ר. 5590
Language: Hebrew
Provenance: Israeli Counsulate, Philadephia, April 2003
Genre: Religious
Where Produced: Jerusalem, Israel
Number of Tracks: 9
Additional Notes: This album has not been catalogued at the title or track level.
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