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Title: Un Di Malokhim Zingen -- און די מלאכים זינגען
Also known as: And The Angels Sing (Yid)
Genre: Adaptation
Subject: Love
Song Comment: Yiddish Version of "And The Angels Sing"


On album: K-069(a) (A Feygele Zingt/Yiddish Theatre & Folksongs/Faye Kellerstein)
Track ID: 22627
Vocal/Yiddish Adaptation Kellerstein, Faye
Orchestrations/Accompanist Klaplan, Jordan
First line: Me zogt az a malekh zingt, er zingt in himl ven a libe iz..
First line (Yiddish):מע זאָגט אַז אַ מלאך זינגט, ער זינגט אין הימל װען אַ ליבע איז..
Track comment: Recorded under "Un A Malakh Zingt"/Adaptation
Language: Yiddish
Style: Swing

On album: xU-004(a)
Track ID: 25353
Artist Uptown Klezmer
Track comment: Recorded under 'Un Di Malokim Zingen"

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