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Title: Andemoz Al Kafe


On album: M-049(a) (Mosaic Yiddish & Judeo-Spanish Songs)
Track ID: 20873
Vocal Seewald, Zahava
Artist Reinitz, Andre, arranger & accomp
Vocal Bacynsky, Michele
First line: Yo non hablo co ningeuno solo con mi primo amor,
Track comment: I talk to no one, only to my first love...(Come To The Cafe)
Language: Ladino

On album: J-012(b) (Flory Jagoda More Sephardic Songs Memories of Sarajevo)
Track ID: 1307
Artist Jagoda, Flory
First line: Jo non alvo kon niguno, Solo kon mi primo amor, Oj lelo,...
Track comment: "We Will Go To The Cafe"
Language: Ladino

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