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Title: Ani Zokher (Heb) -- אני זוכר


On album: E-007(a) (El Avram Group Bashana Haba'ah & Other Israeli Hits)
Track ID: 1373
Vocal El Avram Group
Vocal Eliran, Ron -- אלירן, רן
First line: Halayla shalakh etsba'ot karot, el habatim shenigmeru...
First line (Hebrew):הלילה שלח אצבעות קרות אל הבתים שנגמרו ליד הים
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: The night sent its icy fingers to the houses that stood...
Language: Hebrew

Contact: yidsong@pobox.upenn.edu