Look up work arbet (40x), s'roysht in fabrik azoy vild machinen az oft..

Sheet Music

Title: Di Mashin -- די מאַשין
Author: Posner, Meyer -- פּאָסנער, מאיר
Composer: Posner, Meyer -- פּאָסנער, מאיר
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Factory/Noise/Speed/Labor/Sweatshop/Mindless
Folder: 619
Series: 4
Arranger: Posner, Meyer
Arranged for: Mixed Chorus/Piano
Texts: Yiddish Transliteration
Publisher: Metro Music Co.
Publisher address: 58 Second Ave, New York, NY
Date: 1930
Provenance: Schper-Rosenthal Sheet Music Collection, Gift of Faye & Jerry Rosenthal
Mel & Shrifra Gold Project, NYBC Catlg #: 367
First line: Arbet (40x), S'roysht in fabrik azoy vild machinen az oft..
First line (Yiddish): ...אַרבעט...ס'רוישט אין פֿאַבריק
Notes: Small folder, Black lettering, Yiddish/English. Price 50 cents. Listing of 33 "Other Choruses" on front cover. Twenty page pamphlet, appears to be a cantata.

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