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Title: Around The Band (Video)
Genre: Insstrumental/Klezmer/Fusion/Gypsy/Cabaret/Documentary
Subject: Les Yeux Noirs
Additional song notes: Running commentary with music explaining the aims and music of the group Les Yeux Noirs


On album: V0259 (Around the Band (Video) / From CD Y-055(a) Les Yeux Noirs)
Track ID: 36865
Violin Stabiak, Eric
Violin Stabiak, Oliver
Guitar Anastasio, Frank
Percussion Tafial, Aidje
Accordion Peirani, Vincent
Bass Reveyrand, Kevin
First line: Before we knew we were going to play gypsy, we always wanted to travel,
Language: French
Style: Klezmer/Fusion/Gypsy/Cabaret/Spoken Word
Length: 12.33

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