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Title: Arvoles
Author: Traditional
Composer: Traditional
Composer: Sarah Aroeste
Genre: Love/Pop/Feminist/Judeo-Spanish
Subject: Love/Arranged Marriage
Additional song notes: Missing You


On album: K-152(a) (Mor Karbasi/ Daughter of the Spring)
Track ID: 39424
First line: Arvoles yoran por luvias I montanyas por ayres ansi yoran los mis ojos
First line (Ladino):Trees cry for rain Mountains for air and my eyes cry for you my love
Language: Ladino
Length: 4:13

On album: L-084(a) (Sefardic Folk Songs sung by Gloria Levy)
Track ID: 41130
Language: Ladino
Length: 1:53

On album: A-078(b) (Sarah Aroste / A La Una / In The beginning)
Track ID: 37293
Vocals Sarah Aroeste
Electric Guitar Alan Cohen
Piano and Vocals Yoel Ben-Simon
Qanun Hicham Chami
Drums Vin Scialla
fretless bass Emmanuel Mann
First line: Arvoles lloran por lluvias Y montanas por aires, ansi lloran los mis ojos por ti
First line (Ladino):trees weep for rain, and mountains fie air, so my eyes weep for you
Language: Ladino
Style: Love
Length: 3:45

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