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Big Fire Engine Book.
Illustrations by Mazoujian.
New York: McGraw-Hill, 1958.
Copyright not renewed.

A red ladder truck with white wheels driven by a fireman. A boy waves from the passenger window.


Copyright © 1958 by McGraw-Hill Inc.
All rights reserved     Made in U.S.A.
Published by the

McGraw-Hill Book Company
New York . Toronto . London
Written by Virginia Brody . Pictures by Mazoujian

Jack and Sue leaving the house with their father. They wave to their mother on the porch.

Jack and Sue's father is taking the children to visit the Fire House.

Jack, Sue, and their father meeting the Fire Chief at a brick fire station with a dalmation and fire truck in front.

Fire Chief Adams is ready to tell the children about fire engines.

The Fire Chief, Jack, and Sue looking at a hose neatly folded in the truck bed of a hose wagon.

This is a Hose Wagon. Some hoses are big and fat.

A row of firemen passing waterbuckets.

Here is a picture of an old Bucket Brigade. Firemen are passing pails of water up to the fire.

Four firemen filling a hose with water from an antique fire wagon.

Long ago, firemen pumped the water into the hoses. They had no engines to do the work. This is called a Hand Pumper.

Firemen driving an antique steam fire engine. Steam emits from the engine's chimney.

This is an old steam fire engine, named Jumbo. Steam power made it go. Steam power pumped the water through the hoses, too.

A colorful and ornate antique fire wagon with a chimney for steam.

Firemen named this old steamer the Elephant because it was very strong. It could pump many gallons of water on a fire and put it out quickly.

A fireman driving a steam engine pulled by three galloping white horses.

Three horses are hitched to this steam fire engine.

Sue and Jack meeting Spots the dalmation while the Fire Chief and their father stand nearby. Spots wags his tail.

Spots is the Fire House pet. He is a Dalmatian. Sue shakes Spots' paw.

Jack manning the wheel of a turret pipe in the bed of a pumper truck.

Jack is standing on a Pumper Truck. He is turning the big nozzle, called a Turret Pipe. The Turret Pipe can turn around in a circle.

The Fire Chief pointing while father, Jack, and Sue looking on. Jack seems surprised.

Fire Chief Adams says, "Watch our fire drill." The firemen slide swiftly down the pole.

A fireman sliding quickly down pole while a second fireman rushes to put on his coat.

The firemen hurry to the Ladder Truck.

The Fire Chief driving a classic 1950s car with flashing red lights.

The Fire Chief has a special car. It has red and white spotlights and a big bell or a siren.

A long ladder truck leaving the station with two drivers in front and back. Two other firemen rush alongside the truck.

The big Ladder Truck has a fireman driver in front. Another fireman sits in the back and steers the back wheels.

An aerial ladder truck with a long ladder in back. Spots the dalmation stands nearby.

The Aerial Ladder Truck can lift its tall ladders up high into the air.

Two firemen spraying water from the back of a pumper truck. A third fireman and Spots watch.

Firemen on the Pumper Truck use a Fogger. The Fogger spreads a water cloud.

Jack and Sue eagerly looking on. Spots stands with them.

Jack, Sue and Spots watch the firemen. They are attaching the hose to the hydrant.

A fireman attaching a hose to a fire hydrant alongside the road. Two other firemen extend the hose from the back of a pumper truck.

Two firemen climbing ladders to enter the upper windows of a building.

Firemen practice climbing ladders. One man climbs the truck's aerial ladder. The other man follows the hose into the training building.

The Chief with a megaphone speaking to two firemen on ladders.

The first fireman is using Pompier Ladders. The other man climbs an Extension Ladder. The chief talks to the men through an electronic megaphone.

Two firemen at the station folding the hose into the bed of a fire truck. Jack and Sue stand nearby.

Jack and Sue watch the firemen put the hose back in the truck. "There is another fire engine to see," say the men. "Look through the window."

A large fire boat spraying several jets of water in front of the Statue of Liberty. New York City's skyline is in the distance.

A big Fire Boat is pumping water into the air! It is saluting the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.

A red ladder truck with white wheels driven by fireman. A boy waves from the passenger window.

About This Edition

This online edition is dedicated to Firemen everywhere, especially
the Firemen of New York City.

The size, colour, and placement of the illustrations may vary somewhat from the original book.