A Celebration 
of Women Writers

"Beannacht Leat" by Ethna Carbery [aka Mrs. Seumus MacManus, Anna Johnston] (1866-1902)
From: The Four Winds of Eirinn: Poems by Ethna Carbery. (Anna MacManus.), Complete Edition, Edited by Seumas MacManus. Dublin, Ireland: M. H. Gill and Son, Ltd. 1906. pp. 136.

Editor: Mary Mark 

[Page 136] 


Beannacht leat!

     I hold your hand in mine, I say
     The parting words this parting day–
     And if a sob be stifled, Dear,
     I pray you turn aside, nor hear–
     I would be brave, and yet, and yet,
     Can we two sunder without regret?

Beannacht leat!

     May every vagrant wind a-stir
     Between us be a messenger,
     Each falling wild-rose petal blow
     A haunting perfume where you go,
     And all the brown birds in the blue
     Sing memories of me to you.

Beannacht leat!

     Thank God! 'tis not a long good-bye
     We give each other, you and I–
     Sure in my heart the hope is fain
     To whisper, You will come again
     With the kind eyes, the same kind smile–
     Then for a little lonely while,

                     Beannacht leat!


Editor: Mary 
Mark Ockerbloom