A Celebration 
of Women Writers

"Unfearing" by Ethna Carbery [aka Mrs. Seumus MacManus, Anna Johnston] (1866-1902)
From: The Four Winds of Eirinn: Poems by Ethna Carbery. (Anna MacManus.), Complete Edition, Edited by Seumas MacManus. Dublin, Ireland: M. H. Gill and Son, Ltd. 1906. p. 105.

Editor: Mary Mark 

[Page 105] 


I fear not Life, now that your arms are round me,
  Now that your heart hath told its tale to mine,
For Love hath rent the web of doubt that bound me,
  Where once were mists I see his pure Star shine.

I fear not Death, despite its bitter drinking,
  And the sad wrench of parting we must bear,
Since, some time, soul to soul shall leap unshrinking,
  Before God's foot-stool, in the glory there.


Editor: Mary 
Mark Ockerbloom