A Celebration of Women Writers

"First Epigram" by Mrs. Anne Killigrew (c.1660-1685).
From Killigrew, Anne. Poems 1686. Facs. edn., ed. R. E. Morton. Gainesville, Florida: Scholars, 1967. pp. 15.

[Page 15]


Upon being Contented with a Little.

WE deem them moderate, but Enough implore,
What barely will suffice, and ask no more:
Who say, (O Jove) a competency give,
Neither in Luxury, or Want we'd live.

But what is that, which these Enough do call?
If both the Indies unto some should fall,
Such Wealth would yet Enough but onely be,
And what they'd term not Want, or Luxury.
     Among the Suits, O Jove, my humbler take;
     A little give, I that Enough will make.


Editor: Mary Mark Ockerbloom