A Celebration of Women Writers

"Extemporary Counsel Given to a Young Gallant in a Frolick" [fragment] by Mrs. Anne Killigrew (c.1660-1685).
From Killigrew, Anne. Poems  1686. Facs. edn., ed. R. E. Morton. Gainesville, Florida: Scholars, 1967. pp. 84.

[Page 84]

Extemporary Counsel given to a Young Gallant in a Frolick.

AS you are Young, if you'l be also Wise,
Danger with Honour court, Quarrels despise;
Believe you then are truly Brave and Bold,
To Beauty when no Slave, and less to Gold;
When Vertue you dare own, not think it odd,
Or ungenteel to say, I fear a God.


Editor: Mary Mark Ockerbloom