A Celebration of Women Writers

"Sonnet. The Mariner.." by Mary Darby Robinson (1758-1800)
From: Robinson, Mrs. M. Poems. London: J. Bell, 1791. p. 180.

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THE SEA-BEAT MARINER, whose watchful eye
  Full many a boist'rous night hath wak'd to weep;
When the keen blast descending from the sky,
  Snatch'd his warm tear-drop from the rav'nous deep.

Drench'd by the chilling rain, his dreary hour
  Creeps slowly onward to the dawn of day;
Till burning PHOEBUS darting thro' the show'r,
  Warms with his golden beam the frothy spray:

With lightning's swiftness he ascends the mast,
  And cries, "another tedious night is o'er;"
He spreads the swelling sail, he sees at last
  His darling MISTRESS, and his NATIVE SHORE;
The restless wand'rer then forgets past pain,
Steals a fond kiss, and BRAVES HIS FATE AGAIN.


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