A Celebration of Women Writers

"Sonnet." by Mary Darby Robinson (1758-1800)
From: Robinson, Mrs. M. Poems. London: J. Bell, 1791. p. 186.

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[Page 186]


WHERE, thro' the starry curtains of the night,
  Soft whisp'ring breezes wake the ruddy morn,
Whose sparkling eye darts forth returning light,
  Whose golden brows refulgent beams adorn:

Where gaudy blossoms o'er the tufted vale,
Fling their soft breathings on the spicy gale,
From the lorn NIGHTINGALE on yonder spray,
In melting murmurs steals the love-fraught lay;

Stranger to joy and hopeless of relief,
  At morn's proud glow–and twilight's pensive hour,
  Her widow'd breast its plaintive song shall pour,
In all the luxury of tender grief:
For ah ! nor morn, nor fragrant gales can move
The faithful heart that MOURNS A TRUANT LOVE.


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