A Celebration of Women Writers

May Sarton (1912-1995)

At her death, May Sarton had written 53 books: 19 novels, 17 books of poetry, 15 nonfiction works including her acclaimed journals, 2 children's books, a play, and some screenplays. I've tried to list first editions here, whenever possible, or at least to give the copyright date if I couldn't find a complete reference to the first edition. Many newer editions of her works are also in print. I have sometimes listed multiple editions if the illustrations or supporting materials are different. For a comprehensive bibliography describing works by and about Sarton, see May Sarton: A Bibliography. (Annotated) by Lenora P. Blouin. Metuchen, New Jersey: The Scarecrow Press, Inc., 1978.

May Sarton wished that upon her death a fund would be established from the residue of her estate to provide scholarships for poets and historians of science. (Her father was a historian of science at Harvard.) The Sarton Fund has been established and is held under the auspices of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, of which May Sarton was a member. The Sarton Estate recorded May Sarton's memorial service, which may be ordered for a small sum that includes a donation to the fund.

To contact the Sarton Fund, write to:
Sarton Fund, c/o The American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Norton's Woods, 136 Irving St., Cambridge, MA 02138.

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Sarton published a number of special editions of volumes of poetry and what are called single poem "broadsides" through Bill Ewert as well as earlier, self-published editions. The broadsides started out in the early 1940s as "Christmas Poems" which Sarton wrote and sent to friends. She would have them specially printed, sometimes with illustrations. When her mailing list grew too large in the 1960s she stopped sending them and didn't start again until the 1980s when approached by William Ewert. There are about fifty poems, many written for Christmas, also for New Years and other celebrations.



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If you are interested in reprinting or translating Sarton's works, May Sarton's literary executor is
Timothy Seldes
Russell & Volkening
50 West 29th Street #7E
NY NY 10001
212 684 6050

I wish to express my thanks to Lenora P. Blouin, bibliographer extraordinare and Sarton scholar, who gave me valuable help in compiling this listing of Sarton's works. She has also provided a brief on-line biography of May Sarton. – Mary Mark Ockerbloom

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