A Celebration of Women Writers

"For a Naughty Little Girl." by Ann Taylor (1782-1866)
Publication: Taylor, Jane & Taylor, Ann. Little Ann and Other Poems. London, New York: George Routledge & Sons, 1883. pp. 37-38.

Editor: Mary Mark Ockerbloom


MY sweet little girl should be cheerful and mild
  She must not be fretful and cry!
Oh! why is this passion? remember, my child,
  GOD sees you, who lives in the sky.

That dear little face, that I like so to kiss,
  How alter'd and sad it appears!
Do you think I can love you so naughty as this,
  Or kiss you, all wetted with tears?

Remember, though GOD is in Heaven, my love,
  He sees you within and without,
And always looks down, from His glory above,
  To notice what you are about.

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If I am not with you, or if it be dark,
  And nobody is in the way,
His eye is as able your doings to mark,
  In the night as it is in the day.

Then dry up your tears and look smiling again,
  And never do things that are wrong;
For I'm sure you must feel it a terrible pain,
  To be naughty and crying so long.

We'll pray, then, that GOD may your passion forgive,
  And teach you from evil to fly;
And then you'll be happy as long as you live,
  And happy whenever you die.


Editor: Mary Mark Ockerbloom