A Celebration of Women Writers

"An Infant's Hymn." by Jane Taylor (1783-1824)
Publication: The Writings of Jane Taylor, In Five Volumes by Jane Taylor. Volume I, Memoirs and Poetical Remains.. Edited by Isaac Taylor, Jr., of Stanford Rivers. Boston: Perkins & Marvin, 1832. pp. 333-334.

Editor: Mary Mark Ockerbloom


THE moon is very fair and bright,
  And also very high:
I think it is a pretty sight
  To see it in the sky:
It shone upon me where I lay,
And seemed almost as bright as day.

The stars are very pretty too,
  And scattered all about–
At first there seem a very few;
  But soon the rest come out:
I'm sure I could not count them all,
They are so very bright and small.

The sun is brighter still than they:
  He blazes in the skies;
I dare not turn my face that way,
  Unless I shut my eyes:
Yet when he shines our hearts revive,
And all the trees rejoice and thrive.

God made and keeps them every one,
  By his great power and might:
He is more glorious than the sun,

[Page 334] 

  And all the stars of light:
But when we end our mortal race,
The pure in heart shall see his face.


Editor: Mary Mark Ockerbloom