A Celebration of Women Writers



A = Autobiography
B = Biography
F = Fiction
H = Humor
J = Juvenile literature
N = Non-Fiction
S = Short stories
T = Travel


Seductio ad Absurdum: The Principles and Practices of Seduction--A Beginner's Handbook (1930) H
Beginner's Luck (1931) F
Congo Solo: Misadventures Two Degree North (1933) T
With Naked Foot (1934) F
Affair (1935) F
Steps of the Sun (1940) F
The Soong Sisters (1941, 1970) B
Mr. Pan (1942) S
China to Me: A Partial Autobiography (1944, 1975, 1988) A
Hong Kong Holiday (1946) A
China: A to Z (1946) J
The Picture Story of China (1946) J
Raffles of Singapore (1946) B
Miss Jill (1947)
     also as House in Shanghai (1958)
England to Me (1949) A
A Degree of Prudery: A Biography of Fanny Burney (1950) B
Purple Passage: A Novel About a Lady Both Famous and Fantastic (1950)
     Published in the UK as Aphra Behn (1951)
Francie (1951) J
Love Conquers Nothing: A Glandular History of Civilization (1952) N
Francie Again (1953) J
Mary, Queen of Scots (1953) J
James Brooke of Sarawak: A Biography of Sir James Brooke (1953) B
Meet the British (with Charles Roetter and Harford Thomas) (1953) N
The First Book of India (1955) J
Chiang Kai-shek: An Unauthorized Biography (1955) B
Francie Comes Home (1956) J
Spousery (1956) H
Diamond: The Spectacular Story of the Earth's Greatest Treasure and Man's Greatest Greed (1956) N
Leonardo da Vinci (1956) J
Kissing Cousins (1958) A
The Tiger House Party: The Last Days of the Maharajas (1959) N
Aboab: First Rabbi of the Americas (1959) J
Around the World With Nellie Bly (1959) J
June Finds a Way (1960) J
China Only Yesterday, 1850-1950: A Century of Change (1963) N
Indo (1963) N
Africa to Me (1964) A
Romantic Rebels: An Informal History of Bohemianism in America (1967) N
Animal Gardens (1967) N
The Cooking of China (1968) N
Recipes: Chinese Cooking (1968) N
Times and Places (1970, reissued as No Hurry to Get Home, 2000) A
Breath of God: A Book About Angels, Demons, Familiars, Elementals and Spirits (1971) N
Fractured Emerald: Ireland (1971) N
On the Side of the Apes: A New look at the Primates, the Men Who Study Them and What They Have Learned (1971) N
Once Upon A Pedestal (1974) N
Lorenzo: D.H. Lawrence and the Women Who Loved Him (1975) B
Mabel: A Biography of Mabel Dodge Luhan (1977) B
Look Who's Talking! New Discoveries in Animal Communications (1978) N
Love of Gold (1980) N
The Islands: America's Imperial Adventures in the Philippines (1981) N
Eve and the Apes (1988) N

Bibliography provided by Ken Cuthbertson, author of Emily Hahn's biography, Nobody Said Not to Go : The Life, Loves, and Adventures of Emily Hahn. Faber & Faber / Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1999.

Editor: Mary Mark Ockerbloom