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Selected authors with books that have varying copyright status

Below is a list of authors that have books online that may still be copyrighted in the United States, but are believed to be in the public domain in the countries where the online books are hosted. (Guidelines for determining public domain status in various countries can be found here.)

This used to be a landing page warning about the varying copyright status of those books, and then linking out to them. Such warnings are now included in the listings themselves, and we now list many more authors who have books of this sort. (Many of these authors also have books that are public domain in the US as well.)

If you arrived at this page via a link that was supposed to go to a book, you might want to see if the link can be updated.

If not, you might still find this an interesting selection of authors whose books went into the public domain in other countries before they went into the public domain in the US. For these and more than 3 million other books, check out the full listings of The Online Books Page.

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