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The Project Gutenberg Weekly Newsletter, Part 2, 24 Nov 2004
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To all our U.S. readers:  Happy Thanksgiving!

Part 2 of the Project Gutenberg Weekly Newsletter:
   - Obtaining Project Gutenberg eBooks
   - Updates/corrections to previously posted eBooks
   -  72 New U.S. eBooks this week
   -  No New eBooks at Project Gutenberg of Australia
   - Last, but not least: insights and other fine stuff
       (Including additional information about some of this week's
   - Mailing list information

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correcting and re-formatting to current PG standards where practicable).
These re-postings are noted in the "corrections" listings below.  More
information can be found in the file GUTINDEX.ALL mentioned above.

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             Courier New or similar.

To report an error in the listings below, please write to
and include the word CORRECTION in the subject line.

           [ Here Are The Updated Listings For This Past Week ]

TOTAL COUNT as of today, Wed, 24 Nov 2004:  14,484 (incl. 386 Aus.).

Last week the Total Count was 14,355, including 386 at PG of Australia.
This week we added 72 new.

RESERVED/PENDING count:   43 (No change this week).

=-=-=-=[ CORRECTIONS, REVISIONS AND NEW FORMATS ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

.:: During the past week the following eBooks were manually updated and
reposted with the indicated filenames and transferred into the corresponding
new directories:

From Whose Bourne, by Robert Barr                                         9312
   [Updated edition of: etext05/8fwbr10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 9312.txt; 9312-8.txt]

Revenge!, by Robert Barr                                                  8668
   [Updated edition of: etext05/8revn10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 8668.txt; 8668-8.txt]

The Memoirs of Count Grammont, Complete, by Anthony Hamilton              5416
   [Edited by Sir Walter Scott]
   [Updated edition of: etext04/mcg8w10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 5416.txt]

Paste Jewels, by John Kendrick Bangs                                      4930
   [Updated edition of: etext04/psjw10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 4930.txt; 4930-h.htm]

The Project Gutenberg Edition of "The French Immortals", by Various       4000
     Serge Panine, by Georges Ohnet            (see also #3918)
     The Red Lily, by Anatole France           (see also #3922)
     Monsieur, Madame and Bebe by Gustave Droz (see also #3926)
     Prince Zilah by Jules Claretie            (see also #3930)
     Zibeline by Phillipe de Masa              (see also #3934)
     A Woodland Queen, by Andre Theuriet       (see also #3938)
     Child of a Century, Alfred de Musset      (see also #3942)
     Monsieur de Camors by Octave Feuillet     (see also #3946)
     Cinq Mars, by Alfred de Vigny             (see also #3953)
     L'Abbe Constantin by Ludovic Halevy       (see also #3957)
     Romance of Youth by Francois Coppee       (see also #3962)
     Cosmopolis by Paul Bourget                (see also #3967)
     Jacqueline by Th. Bentzon (Mme. Blanc)    (see also #3971)
     The Ink-Stain by Rene Bazin               (see also #3975)
     Fromont and Risler, by Alphonse Daudet    (see also #3980)
     Gerfaut by Charles de Bernard             (see also #3985)
     Conscience by Hector Malot                (see also #3990)
     Madame Chrysantheme by Pierre Loti        (see also #3995)
     An "Attic" Philosopher by Emile Souvestre (see also #3999)
   [Updated edition of: etext03/imewk10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 4000.txt]

An "Attic" Philosopher, Complete, by Emile Souvestre                      3999
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im86b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3999.txt]

Madame Chrysantheme Complete, by Pierre Loti                              3995
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im82b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3995.txt]

Conscience, Complete, by Hector Malot                                     3990
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im77b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3990.txt]

Gerfaut, Complete, by Charles de Bernard                                  3985
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im72b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3985.txt]

Fromont and Risler, Complete, by Alphonse Daudet                          3980
   [Link: ]
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im67b10.txt]
   [Files: 3980.txt]

The Ink-Stain, Complete, by Rene Bazin                                    3975
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im62b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3975.txt]

Jacqueline, Complete, by Th. Bentzon (Mme. Blanc)                         3971
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im58b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3971.txt]

Cosmopolis, Complete, by Paul Bourget                                     3967
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im54b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3967.txt]

A Romance of Youth, Complete, by Francois Coppee                          3962
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im49b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3962.txt]

L'Abbe Constantin, Complete, by Ludovic Halevy                            3957
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im44b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3957.txt]

Cinq Mars, Complete, by Alfred de Vigny                                   3953
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im40b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3953.txt]

Monsieur de Camors, Complete, by Octave Feuillet                          3946
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im33b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3946.txt]

Confession of a Child of The Century, Complete, by Alfred de Musset       3942
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im29b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3942.txt]

A Woodland Queen, Complete, by Andre Theuriet                             3938
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im25b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3938.txt]

Zibeline, Complete, by Phillipe de Massa                                  3934
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im21b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3934.txt]

Prince Zilah, Complete, by Jules Claretie                                 3930
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im17b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3930.txt]

Monsieur, Madame and Bebe, Complete, by Gustave Droz                      3926
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im13b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3926.txt]

The Red Lily, Complete, by Anatole France                                 3922
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im09b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3922.txt]

Serge Panine, Complete, by Georges Ohnet                                  3918
   [Updated edition of: etext03/im05b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3918.txt]

The Project Gutenberg Historic Court Memoirs, by Various                  3900
     Memoirs of Marguerite de Valois       (see also #3841)
     Memoirs of Cardinal de Retz           (see also #3846)
     Memoirs of Madame de Montespan        (see also #3854)
     Memoirs Louis XIV, by Duch d'Orleans  (see also #3859)
     Memoirs of Louis XIV, by Saint-Simon  (see also #3875)
     Memoirs Louis XV./XVI, by Hausset     (see also #3883)
     Memoirs Marie Antoinette, by Campan   (see also #3891)
     Memoirs of Court of St. Cloud         (see also #3899)
     Memoirs of Count Grammont             (see also #5416)
   [Updated edition of: etext02/cm63b10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3900.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Complete, by Michel de Montaigne                 3600
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
   [Contains:  eBooks: #3581-#3599]
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn20v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3600.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 19, by Michel de Montaigne                3599
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
   [Contents: XIII.  Of Experience.]
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn19v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3599.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 18, by Michel de Montaigne                3598
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     X.   Of Managing the Will.
     XI.  Of Cripples.
     XII. Of Physiognomy.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn18v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3598.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 17, by Michel de Montaigne                3597
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
   Contents: IX. Of Vanity
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn17v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3597.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 16, by Michel de Montaigne                3596
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     VI.    Of Coaches.
     VII.   Of the Inconvenience of Greatness.
     VIII.  Of the Art of Conference.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn16v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3596.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 15, by Michel de Montaigne                3595
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
   Contents: V.  Upon Some verses of Virgil
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn15v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3595.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 14, by Michel de Montaigne                3594
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     Book The Third
       I.    Of Profit and Honesty.
       II.   Of Repentance.
       III.  Of Three Commerces.
       IV.   Of Diversion.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn14v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3594.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 13, by Michel de Montaigne                3593
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XXXII.    Defence of Seneca and Plutarch.
     XXXIII.   The story of Spurina.
     XXXIV.    Means to carry on a war according to Julius Caesar.
     XXXV.     Of three good women.
     XXXVI.    Of the most excellent men.
     XXXVII.   Of the resemblance of children to their fathers.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn13v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3593.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 12, by Michel de Montaigne                3592
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XVIII.  Of giving the lie.
     XIX.    Of liberty of conscience.
     XX.     That we taste nothing pure.
     XXI.    Against idleness.
     XXII.   Of Posting.
     XXIII.  Of ill means employed to a good end.
     XXIV.   Of the Roman grandeur.
     XXV.    Not to counterfeit being sick.
     XXVI.   Of thumbs.
     XXVII.  Cowardice the mother of cruelty.
     XXVIII. All things have their season.
     XXIX.   Of virtue.
     XXX.    Of a monstrous child.
     XXXI.   Of anger.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn12v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3592.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 11, by Michel de Montaigne                3591
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XIII. Of judging of the death of another.
     XIV.  That the mind hinders itself.
     XV.   That our desires are augmented by difficulty.
     XVI.  Of glory.
     XVII. Of presumption.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn11v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3591.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 10, by Michel de Montaigne                3590
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     VII.   Of recompenses of honour.
     VIII.  Of the affection of fathers to their children.
     IX.    Of the arms of the Parthians.
     X.     Of books.
     XI.    Of cruelty.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn10v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3590.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 9, by Michel de Montaigne                 3589
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     Book The Second:
       I.   Of the inconstancy of our actions.
       II.  Of drunkenness.
       III. A custom of the Isle of Cea.
       IV.  To-morrow's a new day.
       V.   Of conscience.
       VI.  Use makes perfect.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn09v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3589.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 8, by Michel de Montaigne                 3588
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XLVIII. Of war-horses, or destriers.
     XLIX.   Of ancient customs.
     L.      Of Democritus and Heraclitus.
     LI.     Of the vanity of words.
     LII.    Of the parsimony of the Ancients.
     LIII.   Of a saying of Caesar.
     LIV.    Of vain subtleties.
     LV.     Of smells.
     LVI.    Of prayers.
     LVII.   Of age.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn08v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3588.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 7, by Michel de Montaigne                 3587
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XXXIX. A consideration upon Cicero.
     XL.    That the relish of good and evil depends in a great measure
            upon opinion.
     XLI.   Not to communicate a man's honour.
     XLII.  Of the inequality amongst us.
     XLIII. Of sumptuary laws.
     XLIV.  Of sleep.
     XLV.   Of the battle of Dreux.
     XLVI.  Of names.
     XLVII. Of the uncertainty of our judgment.]
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn07v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3587.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 6, by Michel de Montaigne                 3586
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XXVII.   Of friendship.
     XXVIII.  Nine-and-twenty sonnets of Estienne de la Boetie.
     XXIX.    Of moderation.
     XXX.     Of cannibals.
     XXXI.    That a man is soberly to judge of the divine ordinances.
     XXXII.   That we are to avoid pleasures, even at the expense of life.
     XXXIII.  That fortune is oftentimes observed to act by the rule of
     XXXIV.   Of one defect in our government.
     XXXV.    Of the custom of wearing clothes.
     XXXVI.   Of Cato the Younger.
     XXXVII.  That we laugh and cry for the same thing.
     XXXVIII. Of solitude.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn06v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3586.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 5, by Michel de Montaigne                 3585
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XXV.  Of the education of children.
     XXVI. That it is folly to measure truth and error by our own
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn05v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3585.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 4, by Michel de Montaigne                 3584
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XXII.  Of custom, and that we should not easily change a law received
     XXIII. Various events from the same counsel.
     XXIV.  Of pedantry.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn04v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3584.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 3, by Michel de Montaigne                 3583
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     XIII.  The ceremony of the interview of princes.
     XIV.   That men are justly punished for being obstinate in the defence
            of a fort that is not in reason to be defended
     XV.    Of the punishment of cowardice.
     XVI.   A proceeding of some ambassadors.
     XVII.  Of fear.
     XVIII. That men are not to judge of our happiness till after death.
     XIX.   That to study philosophy is to learn to die.
     XX.    Of the force of imagination.
     XXI.   That the profit of one man is the damage of another.
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn03v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3583.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 2, by Michel de Montaigne                 3582
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     I.    That Men by Various Ways Arrive at the Same End.
     II.   Of Sorrow.
     III.  That our affections carry themselves beyond us.
     IV.   That the soul discharges her passions upon false objects,
             where the true are wanting.
     V.    Whether the governor of a place besieged ought himself to go
             out to parley.
     VI.   That the hour of parley is dangerous.
     VII.  That the intention is judge of our actions.
     VIII. Of idleness.
     IX.   Of liars.
     X.    Of quick or slow speech.
     XI.   Of prognostications.
     XII.  Of constancy.]
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn02v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3582.txt]

The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 1, by Michel de Montaigne                 3581
   [Tr.: Charles Cotton]  [Ed.: William Carew Hazilitt]
     The Life of Montaigne
     The Letters of Montaigne
   [Updated edition of: etext02/mn01v11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 3581.txt]

One of Ours, by Willa Cather                                              2369
   [Updated edition of: etext00/1ours10.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 2369.txt; 2369-8.txt]

Allan Quatermain, by H. Rider Haggard                                      711
   [Updated edition of: etext96/allnq11.txt]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 711.txt]

.:: Please note the following additional changes, corrections, improvements:

Title corrected ("Handwriting", not "Handrwriting"):
Disputed Handwriting, by Jerome B. Lavay                                 14003

-=-=-=-=[  72 NEW U.S. EBOOKS ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Plutarch's Lives Volume III, by Plutarch                                 14140
   [Tr.: Aubrey Stewart and George Long]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14140.txt; 14140-8.txt; 14140-0.txt; 14140-h.htm]

New Tabernacle Sermons, by Thomas De Witt Talmage                        14139
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14139.txt; 14139-8.txt; 14139-h.htm]

Dew Drops, Vol. 37, No. 18, May 3, 1914, Ed. by George E. Cook           14138
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14138.txt; 14138-h.htm]

Messages and Papers of Grover Cleveland, Ed. by James D. Richardson      14137
   [Title: A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents,
    Vol. 8, Section 2 of 2, Grover Cleveland]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14137.txt; 14137-8.txt; 14137-h.htm]

The Outdoor Girls at the Hostess House, by Laura Lee Hope                14136
   [Subtitle: Doing Their Best for the Soldiers]
   (Note: Laura Lee Hope was a pseudonym used by several house authors of
    the Stratemeyer Syndicate for the Outdoor Girls series and for other
    series including the Bobbsey Twins.)
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14136.txt; 14136-h.htm; ]

Punch, Vol. 152, January 10, 1917, Ed. by Owen Seamen                    14135
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14135.txt; 14135-8.txt; 14135-h.htm; ]

Akbar, Emperor of India, by Richard von Garbe                            14134
   [Subtitle: A Picture of Life and Customs from the Sixteenth Century]
   [Tr.: Lydia G. Robinson]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14134.txt; 14134-8.txt; 14134-h.htm; ]

David Balfour, Second Part, by Robert Louis Stevenson                    14133
   [Subtitle: Being Memoirs Of His Adventures At Home And Abroad,
    The Second Part: In Which Are Set Forth His Misfortunes Anent
    The Appin Murder; His Troubles With Lord Advocate Grant;
    Captivity On The Bass Rock; Journey Into Holland And France;
    And Singular Relations With James More Drummond Or Macgregor,
    A Son Of The Notorious Rob Roy, And His Daughter Catriona]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14133.txt; 14133-8.txt; 14133-h.htm]

Bay State Monthly, Vol. II. No. 5, February, 1885, by Various            14132
   [Subtitle: A Massachusetts Magazine]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14132.txt; 14132-8.txt; 14132-h.htm]

Bay State Monthly, Vol. II. No. 4, January, 1885, by Various             14131
   [Subtitle: A Massachusetts Magazine]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14131.txt; 14131-8.txt; 14131-h.htm]

The Outdoor Chums on the Gulf, by Captain Quincy Allen                   14130
   [Subtitle: Rescuing the Lost Balloonists]
   (Note: Captain Quncy Allen was a pseudonym used by the house authors
    of the Stratemeyer Syndicate for the Outdoor Chums series.)
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14130.txt; ]

The Works of Charles Lamb in Four Volumes, Vol. 4, by Charles Lamb       14129
   [Author: Mary Lamb]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14129.txt; 14129-8.txt; 14129-h.htm; ]

Toni, the Little Woodcarver, by Johanna Spyri                            14128
   [Tr.: Helen B. Dole]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14128.txt; 14128-h.htm; ]

A Kindergarten Story Book, by Jane L. Hoxie                              14127
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14127.txt]

The Marriage of William Ashe, by Mrs. Humphry Ward                       14126
   [Illustrated By Albert Sterner]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14126.txt; 14126-8.txt; 14126-h.htm]

Amerikan loytoretken paivakirja, by Kristoffer Kolumbus                  14125
   [Language: Finnish]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14125-8.txt; 14125-h.htm]

Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction, No. 584, by Various    14124
   [Subtitle: Vol. 20, No. 584. (Supplement to Vol. 20)]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14124.txt; 14124-8.txt; 14124-h.htm]

Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 101, November 28, 1891, by Various  14123
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14123.txt; 14123-8.txt; 14123-h.htm]

Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 101, December 5, 1891, by Various   14122
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14122.txt; 14122-8.txt; 14122-h.htm]

Langs den Congo tot Brazzaville, by A. Kloos                             14121
   [Subtitle: From "De Aarde en haar volken," Jaargang 1906]
   [Language: Dutch]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14121-8.txt; 14121-h.htm]

Answer to Dr. Priestley's Letters, by Matthew Turner                     14120
   [Title: Answer to Dr. Priestley's Letters to a Philosophical Unbeliever]
   [Ed.: William Hammon]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14120.txt]

The White Riband, by Fryniwyd Tennyson Jesse                             14119
   [Subtitle: A Young Female's Folly]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14119.txt; 14119-8.txt; 14119-h.htm]

Legend of Moulin Huet, by Lizzie A. Freeth                               14118
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14118.txt; 14118-8.txt; 14118-h.htm; ]

Wanted, a Young Woman to Do Housework, by C. Helene Barker               14117
   [Subtitle: Business Principles Applied to Housework]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14117.txt; 14117-8.txt; 14117-h.htm; ]

Dew Drops, Vol. 37, No. 7, February 15, 1914, by Various                 14116
   [Edited by George E. Cook]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14116.txt; 14116-h.htm; 14116-page-images]

Quatre contes de Prosper Merimee, by F. C. L. Van Steenderen             14115
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14115-8.txt]
   [Language: French / English]

Plutarch's Lives, Volume II, by Aubrey Stewart                           14114
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14114.txt; 14114-8.txt; 14114-0.txt; 14114-h.htm]

Les fantomes, by Charles-M. Flor O'Squarr                                14113
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14113-8.txt]

Venetie, by Anonymous                                                    14112
   [Language: Dutch]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14112-8.txt; 14112-h.htm]

Dew Drops, Vol. 37, No. 15, April 12, 1914, by Various                   14111
   [Editor: George E. Cook]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14111.txt; 14111-h.htm; ]

Kernel Cob And Little Miss Sweetclover, by George Mitchel                14110
   [Illus.: Tony Sarg]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14110.txt; 14110-h.htm; ]

Edward MacDowell, by Lawrence Gilman                                     14109
   [Subtitle: A Study]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14109.txt; 14109-8.txt; 14109-h.htm; ]

In the Catskills, by John Burroughs                                      14108
   [Subtitle: Selections from the Writings of John Burroughs]
   [Intro.: Clifton Johnson]  [Illus.: Clifton Johnson]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14108.txt; 14108-8.txt; 14108-h.htm; ]

The Lost Stradivarius, by John Meade Falkner                             14107
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14107.txt; 14107-8.txt; 14107-h.htm; ]

The Belfry, by May Sinclair                                              14106
   [Author AKA: Mary Amelia St. Clair Sinclair]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14106.txt; 14106-8.txt; ]

Im gruenen Tann, by Arthur Achleitner                                    14105
   [Language: German]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14105-8.txt; 14105-0.txt]

Our Changing Constitution, by Charles Pierson                            14104
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14104.txt; 14104-8.txt]

Prose Fancies (Second Series), by Richard Le Gallienne                   14103
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14103.txt; 14103-8.txt; 14103-h.htm]

American Missionary, August, 1888, (Vol. XLII, No. 8), by Various        14102
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14102.txt; 14102-8.txt]

Dew Drops, Vol. 37, No. 10, March 8, 1914, by Various                    14101
   [Ed.: George E. Cook]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14101.txt; 14101-h.htm;]

Eighteen Hundred and Eleven, by Anna Laetitia Barbauld                   14100
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14100.txt; 14100-page-images ]

True Irish Ghost Stories, by St John D Seymour                           14099
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14099.txt; 14099-8.txt]

Hieroglyphic Tales, by Horace Walpole                                    14098
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14098.txt; 14098-8.txt; 14098-h.htm]

Scientific American Supplement, No. 483, April 4, 1885, by Various       14097
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14097.txt; 14097-8.txt; 14097-h.htm]

With Links of Steel, by Nicholas Carter                                  14096
   [Subtitle: The Peril of the Unknown]
   (Note: Nicholas Carter was a pseudonym used by many "house" writers of
    Street & Smith, a firm that turned out hundreds of "dime" detective
    novels around the turn of the 20th century. "Steel" was a common word
    in their titles, such as "With Fetters of Steel" and "With Bands of
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14096.txt; 14096-8.txt; 14096-h.htm; ]

The Thirteenth Chair, by Bayard Veiller                                  14095
   [Subtitle: A Play in Three Acts]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14095.txt; 14095-8.txt; 14095-h.htm; ]

The Suppressed Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson, by Alfred Lord Tennyson    14094
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14094.txt; 14094-8.txt; 14094-h.htm]

Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 152, January 24, 1917, by Various   14093
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14093.txt; 14093-8.txt; 14093-h.htm]

The World's Fair, by Anonymous                                           14092
   [Subtitle: Or, Children's Prize Gift Book of the Great Exhibition of 1851]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14092.txt; 14092-8.txt; 14092-h.htm; ]

Burroughs' Encyclopaedia, 1889, by Barkham Burroughs                     14091
   [Title: Burroughs' Encyclopaedia of Astounding Facts and Useful
    Information, 1889]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14091.txt; 14091-8.txt; 14091-h.htm]

Elements of Debating, by Leverett S. Lyon                                14090
   [Subtitle: A Manual for Use in High Schools and Academies]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14090.txt; 14090-h.htm; ]

Homestead on the Hillside, by Mary Jane Holmes                           14089
   [Author AKA: Mary Jane Hawes Holmes]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14089.txt; 14089-8.txt; 14089-h.htm; ]

Uit Marokko, by Siegfried Genthe                                         14088
   [From: "De Aarde en haar volken," Jaargang 1906]
   [Language: Dutch]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14088-8.txt; 14088-h.htm]

The Jungle Girl, by Gordon Casserly                                      14087
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14087.txt; 14087-8.txt; 14087-h.htm; ]

Carry On, by Coningsby Dawson                                            14086
   [With An Introduction And Notes By His Father, W. J. Dawson]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14086.txt; 14086-8.txt; 14086-h.htm]

Partners of Chance, by Henry Herbert Knibbs                              14085
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14085.txt; 14085-8.txt; 14085-h.htm; ]

A Vindication of the Press, by Daniel Defoe                              14084
   [With an Introduction by Otho Clinton Williams]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14084.txt; 14084-8.txt]

Tom Fairfield's Luck and Pluck, by Allen Chapman                         14083
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14083.txt]

Le Corbeau, by Edgar Allen Poe                                           14082
   [Tr.: Stephane Mallarme] [Illus.: Edouard Manet]
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14082-8.txt; 14082-h.htm]

The Three Jovial Huntsmen, by Randolph Caldecott                         14081
   [Illus.: Randolph Caldecott]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14081.txt; 14081-h.htm; ]

Custom and Myth, by Andrew Lang                                          14080
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14080.txt; 14080-h.htm]

Sandy, by Alice Hegan Rice                                               14079
   [Author AKA: Alice Caldwell Hegan]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14079.txt; 14079-8.txt; 14079-h.htm; ]

The Liberation of Italy, by Countess Evelyn Martinengo-Cesaresco         14078
   [Author AKA: Evelyn Lilian Hazeldine Carrington]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14078.txt; 14078-8.txt; 14078-h.htm; ]

A Frog He Would A-Wooing Go, by Randolph Caldecott                       14077
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14077.txt; 14077-h.htm]

The Elephant God, by Gordon Casserly                                     14076
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14076.txt; 14076-8.txt; 14076-h.htm]

Die Frauenfrage, by Lily Braun                                           14075
   [Subtitle: ihre geschichtliche Entwicklung und wirtschaftliche Seite]
   [Language: German]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14075-8.txt; 14075-h.htm]

Punch, Or The London Charivari, Vol. 101, November 14th, 1891, Various   14074
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14074.txt; 14074-8.txt; 14074-h.htm]

Beraettelser fran Finland, by Daniel Sten                                14073
   [Language: Swedish]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14073-8.txt]

Primitive Christian Worship, by James Endell Tyler                       14072
   [Subtitle: Or, The Evidence Of Holy Scripture And The Church, Against
    The Invocation Of Saints And Angels, And The Blessed Virgin Mary.]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14072.txt; 14072-8.txt; 14072-h.htm]

Les Portes de l'Enfer, by Maurice Level                                  14071
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14071.txt; 14071-8.txt]

English Grammar in Familiar Lectures, by Samuel Kirkham                  14070
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14070.txt; 14070-8.txt; 14070-0.txt; 14070-h.htm]

Contes pour les petits garcons, by Johann Christopher Schmid             14069
   [Language: French]
   [Link: ]
   [Files: 14069.txt; 14069-8.txt; 14069-h.htm]

                        [ This Week's Other Stuff ]

"For those wishing to know. . .", David Price writes about #14080,
Custom and Myth, by Andrew Lang:

It's a collection of Andrew Lang's essays covering various aspects of
mythology.  Many of the essays are technical in nature and look at
etomology, the studies of leading researchers etc.

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emergency on my part.