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Book publisher steals Google laptops


Monday 4th June 2007 | The Register [UK]

Book publisher steals Google laptops
An eye for a copyright

By Cade Metz in San Francisco

Angered by Google's attempts to copy their works, publishers have 
decided to strike back against the ad broker by stealing its technology.

Late last week, at New York City's BookExpo America, the CEO of 
Macmillan Publishers pilfered two laptops from a booth where Google was 
promoting its Book Search service, part of an effort to convert the 
world's books into digital format.


[Moderator: As the full article eventually clarifies, the Macmillan
 CEO didn't walk away with the laptops, but instead waited nearby
 until someone from Google asked for them back.  He blogs about it at,guid,c15fd211-7020-42e5-bc0e-f0e4d2fd6ed3.aspx - JMO]