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Album title: Rubin, Ruth/ Mit a Nodl/ Farbenkt
Album ID: 029r
Format: 78rpm 10 inch
Publisher: Stinson Rec. 607-1
Comment: Part of set: Folkslider Jewish Folksongs
Additional Notes: Have orginal album, translations, orginal text, signed and dedicated by Ruth Rubin to The Freedmans 12/10/83


Title: Mit A Nodl -- מיט אַ נאַדל
Genre: Folk/Occupation
Subject: Tailor/Needle/Pride/Clothes
Origin: Ber Fef 18/Ephemera 1104/Epelboym70
Transliteration: Alb R-001(b)/Alb R-007(f)2/Alb R-007(g)/Schack 43/Alb L-049(a)/Epelboym 70
Translation: Alb L-049(a)/Alb R-001(b)/Alb R-007(g)/Alb R-007(f)2/Rubin 81/Alb S-006(a)
Music: Kotylan 145/Rub Treas 80/Ber Fef 18/Epelboym 70
Additional song notes: See Koytlan for a variant version of the song.Relationship with "My Favorite Things" referred to in Gottlieb p. 46
On album: 029r (Rubin, Ruth/ Mit a Nodl/ Farbenkt)
Track ID: 29600
Vocal Rubin, Ruth -- רובין, רותּ

Title: Farbenkt
On album: 029r (Rubin, Ruth/ Mit a Nodl/ Farbenkt)
Track ID: 29601
Artist: Rubin, Ruth -- רובין, רותּ

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