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Album title: Majer Bogdansky / Originality of Jewish Music
Album ID: B-090(v)2
Publisher: Privately Issued
Date of Issuance: 1990
Playing Time: 47:34
Language: English
Provenance: Gift of Majer Bogdanski 2005
Genre: Lecture/Recital
Where Produced: London
Number of Tracks: 19
Additional Notes: Lecture given to Union of Jewish Students of London, Hillel House, March 5, 1990 (two CD set)


Title: Originality of Jewish Music
Author: Bogdanski, Majer -- באָגדאַנסקי, מאיר
Genre: Lecture/Recital
On album: B-090(v)2 (Majer Bogdansky / Originality of Jewish Music)
Track ID: 32413
Vocal Bogdanski, Majer -- באָגדאַנסקי, מאיר
Language: English
Style: Lecture Recital/Spoken Word/Sung Examples/Acapella

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