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Album title: Sarah Gorby Cantique Des Cantiques Cantate Hebraique
Album ID: G-006(m)
Publisher: Philips A R 77.488L/R 832.582Y
Language: Hebrew
Provenance: Courtesy of Dr Ellen Prince
Number of Tracks: 1
Additional Notes: This album has not been catalogued at the title or track record.


Title: Shir Hashirim Cantata (Gorby, Heb) -- שיר השירים קאַנטאַטא (גאָרבי, עבֿרית)
On album: G-006(m) (Sarah Gorby Cantique Des Cantiques Cantate Hebraique)
Track ID: 18913
Vocal Gorby, Sarah -- גאָרבי, שׂרה
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Cassette Couresy of Dr. Ellen Prince, Univ Of Pa

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