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Title: Umru Mayne (Lamkoff) -- אומרו מײַנע (לאַמקאַף)
Author: Halpern, Moyshe Leyb -- האַלפּערן, משה לײב
Composer: Lamkoff, Paul -- לאַמקאָף, פּאָול
Genre: Literary Origin/Love
Subject: Unrest/Longing/Yearning/Beauty
Transliteration: Alb Z-011(e)
Translation: Alb C-044(a)/Alb M-035(g)
On album: G-044(a)x
Track ID: 20350
Vocal Miller, Sima
Piano Miller, Arnold
First line: Ver ken di sheynkeyt fun a yam farshteyn, ver ken di sheyn..
First line (Yiddish):װער קען די שײנקײט פֿון א ים פֿאַרשטײן, װער קען די שײַן פֿון…
Track comment: Heb title -"T'filoh Lateveil" "לתּבל תּפלה
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert

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